New to The Lighthouse Cristian Center

Come out and meet men and women whose lives have changed because of the gospel.

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You are invitied

Welcome to Lighthouse Christian Center!

If you are new to church or have been searching through Morongo Basin churches, we invite you to come on out and meet men, women and children that have been set free from sin because of Jesus. We invite you to join us Sundays at 10:30 am at 5475 Sunburst Avenue, Joshua Tree, California 92252.


Everyone is welcome at Lighthouse Christian Center. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

A: Lighthouse Christian Center is an AG church which means that we believe and teach the doctrines of the Assemblies of God. If you do not know what our stance is on a certain subject, you can check it out here. Just click the AG Symbol below.

A: You can dress as you like at Lighthouse Christian Center. We have no formal dress code. On any given Sunday you will see dresses and suits to board shorts and flip flops. All we ask is to dress respectfully, as you are in the presence of Jesus

A: Sunday school (for Adults, Teens, and kids) starts at 9:30 am, with Church following at 10:30 am with a 30-45 minute music worship time. This is followed by a 45 minute sermon. The service concludes with an altar call. The Service usually finishes around noon.

A: No. The only introduction you’ll see for newcomers is when Pastor Craig does the announcements and mentions that there are new faces in the audience. We understand that not everyone likes attention so we try to keep away from embarrassing anyone. There are no formal introductions of visitors during the service. We have friendly greeters at the doors and a loving community of people that will say hi to you before and after the service.

A: No. Singing is not a requirement. The time for musical worship is for Christians who want to worship the Lord through song. Plus, we understand that every church has different songs that sings differently or lots of people don’t know, and we’re no different. 

A: No. If it is your first time to the Lighthouse Christian Center please do not feel obligated to give. If you would like to give please read all about giving at the Lighthouse Christian Center by CLICKING HERE.

A: No, you do not have to. Communion is for those who believe that Jesus took their place on the cross and is a way for them to remember His sacrifice. If you are not ready to take communion, please do not feel forced to. 

A: Yes. We encourage you to use whatever platform possible to read your bible.

A: After the service, you can stay and continue to be in the Spirit of the Lord, chat with our brothers and sisters, or simply head out. We just ask that you fill out a visitor’s card and let someone come introduce themselves.


A: Yes. We love children and have an amazing children’s church. We have the nursery for the younger ones and a playground to be enjoyed after service.

A: This is up to you. If you would like your child to stay with you during the service that is perfectly fine.

A: Yes. There is no financial cost to anything at the Lighthouse Christian Center.


A: Yes and Yes. We have a very large parking lot located right on the church grounds.

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