Church History

Lighthouse Christian Center is Affiliated with the General Council of the Assemblies of God and the SoCal Network of Assemblies of God in Southern California.

Our purpose is

“Guiding People by the Light of Christ”

Lighthouse Christian Center is known as a strong family church with Children’s Ministries, Youth Ministries, Young Adult Ministries, Women’s Ministries, and Men’s Ministries.

History of Lighthouse Christian Center

March 1981

Lighthouse Christian Center if founded

Rev. Elemer Ridgeway found Lighthouse Christian Center in March of 1981


Land Purchased!

The property at 5475 Sunburst Ave in Joshua Tree was purchased in 1982


Church is Constructed

The building on the property was constructed in 1984


Ridgeway to Harris

Pastor Elmer Ridgeway was the pastor of the church until 1987. Jim Harris took over in June of 1987.


Harris to Wilcox

jim Harris resigned in August of 1988 and Jeremiah Wilcox stepped in as the Interim Pastor in September.


Wilcox to Dennison

Pastor Wilcox remained as the interim Pastor until April of 1989 when Pastor Jack Dennison was installed as the Pastor of Lighthouse Christian Center.


Dennison to Marshall

Pastor Dennison resigned in May of 1994 and Pastor Dave Marshall took over Pastoral duties in October.


Marshall to Thomas

Pastor Dave Marshall resigned in June of 1995 and Pastor Marvin Thomas took over in July 1995.


Thomas to Stoltey

Pastor Marvin Thomas resigned in June of 1997, when Pastor Bart Stoltey came in and was elected in July of 1997.

In late 2007, restrooms were remodeled and new Coolers installed in the building.


Stoltey to Thomas

Pastor Bart Stolteyled the church through March of 2008. Pastor Wayne Thomas was elected in June 2008.


Stoltey to Thomas
Pastor Wayne Thomas resigned in August of 2012. The church was without a pastor until February the following year.


Pastor Rob Porter

Pastor Rob Porter was installed as lead Pastor February 10, 2013. Under Pastor Porter, the church went through many changes.

– 2016 Lighthouse Christian Center became a Sovereign Church affiliated with the General Council of the Assemblies of God

– In the spring of 2018, the building was completely remodeled, and the sanctuary was expanded to seat 175 people. A new ceiling was put in, new carpet, new windows, a new air conditioning system, solar panels were installed, a new sound booth, and the interior of the facility was repainted.

-During the Pandemic in 2020, Pastor Rob’s leadership team took action and started livestreaming the services taking place at the church. With this, a new camera system was installed along with a new sound board.

On the leadership team was Craig Burton, the assistant pastor.


Pastor Craig Burton

Pastor Marvin “Craig” Burton was installed as the Lead Pastor of Lighthouse Christian Center in February of 2021. Pastor Rob Porter stepped down as the Senior pastor and became the Pastor Emeritus.

Pastor Craig implemented a “Preaching Team” which consists of himself, Pastor Porter, Rex A. Maughan, Nora Maughan, and Pastor Mark Burton.

Pastor Craig Burton is the Lead Pastor at the time of this writing.

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