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It’s about creating an atmosphere where they can belong.

We encourage the youth of Focus Church to be involved in everything we do from inviting,
participating in a Group and serving on a Vision Team.

Our Youth Ministry has been capturing the hearts of young people for many years. We guide them to Jesus while they are still young because it is sometimes more challenging to do so as people get older.

Youth Ministry consists of a weekly bible study for ages 12 to 18, where we offer snacks, fellowship, games, and fun!

Every year we also have annual lock-in events. For New Year’s Eve Youth Ministry has a lock-in event with the Young Adults Ministry, where they play lots of exciting games. They collaborate again for the end of the school year lock-in. But one of the Youth Ministry’s favorite event is a nice dinner around Valentine’s Day. The group dresses up, goes to a nice restaurant, an escape room, or play mini-golf.

Attending Youth Ministry not only means becoming closer to Jesus, but it often creates relationships that turn into life-long friendships and connections.

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